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Folding machine folding: fence folding knife folding.
The hybrid gate knife folding machine bookbinding models, by tractor mechanisms, the fence folding agencies, knife folding agency, to close the paper feed mechanism and electrical control system. Which is characterized by fast folding and stable performance, multi-folding style, can not afford to fold, high production efficiency, easy maintenance. The following will ZYH660 for example, indicating the operation of the folding machine.
Promote security cam first, check the machine to normal, the following:
The operation of a tractor mechanism
(1) stacker operation
The entire stack of Da Paper good to be installed, thinner paper first indentation processing; stacker, stacker audience down to the right height.
Note: the stacker operation directly affect the folding quality, stacker requirements sidelay side flush with the edge of the former regulation.
(2) the adjustment of the sheet separating mechanism
Paper heap to rise to a certain height will automatically stop (controlled by the height of the probe) the paper separating nozzle is higher than paper heap of about 1 mm.
Paper separation mechanism up and down according to the paper format to do before and after the adjustment.
Hair mouth the size of the air volume sucked under the wheels slightly fluttering sheets in appropriate. The separation mechanism on the brush or steel to prevent double sheet paper separation, adjusted to produce the double sheet does not cause the paper messy as standard.
(3) adjustment of the suction wheel
The suction of the suction wheel is controlled through a solenoid valve, the main role is to transport the paper. The inspiratory volume can be adjusted using the knob, clockwise rotation, inspiratory capacity decreases, and vice versa inspiratory volume increases.
Suction round suction points there before, during and after the 3 position. Under normal circumstances, the suction point in the middle of the vertical position.
Suction wheel suction length is controlled by the selector switch on the operation panel, feed slow inspiratory time longer, and vice versa, short inspiratory time.
(4) dual controller adjustment
Fold the paper fold (2 times the thickness of the paper) the knurled screws below into the controller. The fan-shaped piece is driven to promote micro switch. The solenoid valve is powered down, the suction is cut off. If you do not stop feeding, then fine-tune the knurled screws to make it stop.
Regulation of sheet feeding station (5)
Loosen the star knob ball board feed rules adjusted to the size of a sheet format, tighten the star knob. According to the sheet width adjustment care of paper strip, the strip through the sheets side.
Ball pressure on the paper ball balls and plastic balls, its role in conjunction with the feeding, sheets correctly enter the fence along the side lay. The actual production, according to the nature of the paper placed balls and plastic balls. Usually where near the folding rollers placed 1 to 2 balls, in order to facilitate the paper alignment. Paper cutting inconsistent on both sides of the arrhythmia or gripper, adjustable knurled nut. In addition, the rotation of the star handle, fine-tune the position of the paper, folding signature center aligned with the center of the first to jackknife.
(6) the folding roller line speed and a paper feed pitch of the adjustment
VVVF control the speed of the motor to change the folding roller line speed, knob turn right growth left turn deceleration.
Special Note: The mechanical knife folding machine the CVT, adjust with jackknife frequency folding roller speed, must be carried out in the operation of the machine.
Paper feed pitch refers to the distance between a piece of paper before and after a paper, ordinary paper distance of the paper length and 100 to 150mm. The electric control knife folding machine to paper spacing adjustment set in the man-machine interface, mechanical knife folding machine should be carried out when the machine is running. Clockwise rotation of the hand wheel to paper spacing decreases, folding faster; contrary to paper spacing increased folding speed reduced.
2. Fence folding the regulation
(1) the adjustment of the gap of the folding roller
The actual production of different paper thickness, the folding roller parallelism and gap to make the appropriate adjustments.
Methods of operation: supports Loosen fastening screws; would be pre-cut and fold paper thickness the same piece of paper is pressed into the bearing pressure plate under the folding roller gap increases; the two the same piece of paper thickness were placed at both ends of the folding roller hand drag strip, and adjust the knurled cocks; pulling both sides of the note, and When feel both sides Rally consistent, the locking screw.
Signature changes will directly affect the clearance adjusting folding rollers, to be described below to the six surfaces volume Xinzhe Case.
Sheet out from the fence, the first part has become a double-page sheets, in the latter part of the single-page sheets. When the paper by folding roller folding roller gap adjustment shall be the later part of the one-page sheets for the benchmark. Double page of the basis adjustment folding roller gap, when the single-page sheets by folding roller gap is too large, it will cause the page folding skew. Page sheets have been folded for 6 faces three volumes Xinzhe thereafter through various platen insert three note.
(2) backgauge regulator
Folding fence determines the number folding manner and folding number.
If the fold is on the fence backgauge is adjusted to 1/2 of the total length of the sheet, not fence flapper closed. Reflexed, closed on the fence, the lower fence backgauge adjusted to 1/2 of the total length of the sheet.
Adjustment method: release the handle, turn the handwheel, scale marked on the fence, adjust the paper stop regulation. Block regulations on the fence for volume Xinzhe, raised to the sheet 2/3 of the total length, under the fence is raised to a sheet of 1/3 of the total length.
6 Z-fold can be used on the fence and under the fence to block regulation on under the fence were transferred to a sheet of 1/3 of the total length.
(3) the adjustment of the fence folding space
Form a triangular space between the fence boards and folding roller, size, spacing and fence panels size will affect the folding accuracy should be adjusted by folding paper Bohou tissue space should be reduced, thick paper space should be increased. Turnstiles on the nut so that the fence under the front lip plate shift, space increases, whereas the reduced space.
(4) Paper steering plate adjustment
Swing paper folding machine in each group fence boards are equipped with steering board. When do not need paper to enter the fence, the shift from paper to board to guide the paper through the folding roller forwards.
Paper adjustment of the steering board: first on both sides of the eccentric lever to loosen the fence along the rail portion extraction with eccentric handle locks; or fence boards to remove, loosen the fence boards on both sides of the central knurled screws, remove the positioning block, turn 180 ° with knurled screws. After this adjustment, the fence panels installed.
Drilling, vertical knife, creasing knife and regulation
The fence folding knife folding institutions are equipped with a knife shaft air-punching, slitting, creasing blade cutter shaft.
(1) of the perforated blade installation
Loosen the compression nut to the left, the blade disconnected parts break apart, set into the blade shaft, and then locate the knife holder, and then tighten the compression nut on the left.
The purpose of the punch is in order to discharge the trapped air in between the pages of a book, in order to avoid in the vertical folding the folding signature wrinkles. Different paper punch blade To select a different number of teeth. Below 90g/m2 paper folding punch, you should choose short-tooth blade, the thicker paper should be used long-tooth blade.
(2) the installation of the slitting blade
Slitting toothless blade is mainly used for slitting paper. Adjacent to the feeding, slitting and perforating wheel should be located close to slitting and punching parts, in order to support and transport the paper.
(3) the adjustment of the indentation blade pressure
The size of the blade indentation pressure is determined according to the paper thickness is generally achieved by adjusting the compression nut. In addition, different paper to choose a different knife ring gap.
4. Jackknife use regulation
Knife folding system regulation, including the adjustment of the the folding roller gap, pocket knife, as well as the rules. The folding roller gap adjustment method is the same fence folding machine. Following example to the first vertical knife knife and rules regulating methods.
(1) jackknife height adjustment
Loose ax body sliding rod the star lock nut adjustment screw to change the knife protruding height. When the the knife movement to the lowest point, just the paper into the folding roller, tighten the nut.
(2) of the folding knife and the folding roller pair in the regulation
Gently turn the safety handwheel, adjust the platen, the folding roller gap and fold the paper thickness. The knife is in the lowest position, loosen the fixing screws on the plywood, and release the two guide plate slider fastening screws jackknife automatically into a linear state folding roller, then tighten the screws.
(3) parallel to the adjustment of the degree of the folding knife and the folding rollers
Two steel balls on the knife at both ends of the folding rollers, turn the machine by hand, so that the knife edge just touches a steel ball, loosen the screws, adjust the fold two adjustment screws on the knife handle so that the knife edge parallel with the folding roller, then tighten the screws.
(4) the front windshield of regulation and the side of the block regulation regulation
According to process requirements, often need to adjust the vertical fold of rules.
Vertical fold before backgauge position according to fold paper folding 3 center may be with reference to the reading on the scale worm before moving backgauge then inching machine, feeding paper to the former regulations, the former regulations on the mobile side block rules tighten the screws in the side against the paper, while a good tune side lay across the spring piece, and then only retreat Ball seat placed after the paper along the edge of the paper in a ball center to prevent the paper bouncing. If the flaps do not coincide after the paper before the regulatory side, will have to loosen the lock screw, folding front windshield of the tie rod moves back and forth, the correction angle, re-tighten the screws after adjustment.
5 common mixed fold
(1) 16 parallel fold and vertical fold (folio paper folded into 8 open)
Parallel fold: the second set of two pieces of paper folding roller thick, 3 folding roller later transferred to 4 sheets thick; fence a group paper stop 1/2 length regulatory transferred to paper; the fence 2 group block paper Regulation transferred length of the paper sheet 1/4; of other fence assembly paper steering plate, closed.
The vertical fold: vertical fold folding roller and slitting axis adjusted to 8 sheets of paper thick front windshield of regulation adjusted to the length of the paper 1/4.
(2) 4 parallel fold and double vertical fold (Folio folded 16)
Four pairs of folding front has been introduced, the first vertical fold folding roller and the slitting roller adjustment to the regulations transferred to paper 1/2 length 4 sheets thick, vertical fold front windshield; 2nd vertical fold folding roller and slitting axis is adjusted to the thickness of eight sheets of paper, the the front stopper Regulation transferred to 1/4 the length of the paper.
(3) 4 parallel fold and three vertical fold (Folio folded 32)
3rd vertical fold folding roller adjustment to 16 sheets of thick paper before backgauge is adjusted to the length of the paper 1/8.
(4) 32 double fold
Generally between two parallel fold plus vertical fold, the mechanical knife folding machine is completed by other collection of paper trolley, plus a small fence folding group.
6 stacker use regulation
The stacker table feeding with the speed change through the regulator knob, right-lateral acceleration, L-reducer.
Feeding with the elastic screw to adjust the size of the force of the pressure roller platen by knurled screw to adjust.
Down adjustment of the receiving table is the use of external force gas springs to achieve

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