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Recently, in order to promote our 3D printing technology industrialization, co-sponsored by the Asian Association of Manufacturers, the United Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Tsinghua University and other authoritative research institutions and 3D industry leader in 3D printing technology Industry Alliance has formally established.

3D printing technology essentially rapid prototyping technology, also known as "incremental" increase in material technology "disruptive change will be driven by multiple fields such as industrial design, new materials, lean manufacturing.

In the country, in January of this year, SHI Yu-liter, Huazhong University of Science and Technology of Materials Science and Engineering, vice president, led the team successfully developed the world's largest 3D three-dimensional printer, the and selected academicians selection and by virtue of this research, "2011 Ten large scientific and technological progress. "

According to reports, the Union of 3D printing technology is by far the world's first 3D Industry Alliance, the unfavorable situation indicates that China has engaged in 3D print technology, research institutions and enterprises have a change of going it alone, is conducive to the establishment of industry standards as soon as possible, but also to facilitate enhanced with a wide range of inter-governmental or international exchange. Currently, the Asian Association of Manufacturers is planning advanced manufacturing park in Asia, will 3D printing technology as the leading industries to support the formation of the national 3D printing technology R & D base and industrial demonstration bases, and intensified in the near future.

China 3D printing technology seminar held in the same period by the "China Industry Alliance of 3D printing technology Constitution, elected the organization of Materials Science and Engineering of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Professor Wang Huaming was elected the first president of Wuhan Binhu Electrical Technology Company, China National Aviation laser company, Wuxi fly and Kang rapid manufacturing company, was elected as a founding member.

3D laser printing technology of rapid prototyping
Laser Rapid Prototyping is a more mature state-of-the-art manufacturing methods, laser rapid prototyping 3D print manufacture a, slicing technology using computer simulations, and gradually the use of high-energy laser beam melting sent to the bath powder, such as metal, ceramic, plastic , sand, etc., to the gradual accumulation of parts and components into a certain shape. Said the image of the point is to make use of the computer slice, will be divided into parts layer by layer, and then take advantage of every layer of similar to "stitch" the process, little by little, with a laser with the accumulation of metal powder, the last layer by layer stitching up.
Because the technology will be multi-dimensional manufacturing into a superposition of the two-dimensional simple from the bottom, which greatly reduces the complexity of design and manufacturing, and can even make the traditional methods can not be processed singular structure, such as the closure of the internal cavity, multiple nested .
Rapid manufacturing technology compared with conventional processes have unique advantages and characteristics.

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