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Proofing the actual amount of work rules is too much trouble and need to use foot on the amount of side to side, very inconvenient, but the accuracy is not high, resulting in the operator detrimental to the health of prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light. In order to protect the physical health of the operatives, improve product quality and efficiency, we try to do the lithographic exposure machine rules, specific practices are as follows.

92cm*76cm plates and gripper is 7cm Shai Banji rules, for example:

1. Find a new plexiglass ruler 50cm.

2. SO film copy two 46Cm long overcast picture feet on.

3. Copy of 7cm long negative film ruler three.

4. Washing to dry.

5. With copies of two 46cm chamber piece ruler fight a midline 46cm long ruler (that is, from left to 1 ~ 46cm, right-to-1 to 46Cm).

6. Ruler to the left and then to go on a good straight fight 7cm, the midline point straight fight 7cm, the right straight fight 7cm.

7. Each fight one signal bar about the ruler of the following in the film as a test Shai Banji quality mark, to complete such a negative-proofing rules.

8. Use to fight a good negative the the printing down rules Khao into yang solid proofing rules can be used for positive plate burning.

By using our actual work, it is proved that Shai Banji rules improved following advantages:

1. Improve work efficiency is doubled.

2. Operator exposure to ultraviolet time reduced by half, and is conducive to the health of the operating personnel.

3. Create a simple, easy to operate.

4. Improve proofing Quality.

5. The quality of each of the steps can be further detected using the signal strip, there are conducive to the the platemaking data of operating exposure machine.

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