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With converter speed adjustment, inching of head & tail margin, quick plate clamp, leaning paper stop, static elimination. It is a ideal machine type for small business.

ModelFSD62-NP FSD62(II)-NP
Maximum printing area605mm*430mm
Maximum paper size620mm*450mm
PS plate size620mm*485mm*0.15mm
Blanket Size616mm*509mm*1.9mm
Paper range28-255g/m2
For the paperSuction, horizontal feed
DampeningWater Molton
Grinding rolls6 of 10(with version 2)/14(with version 3)(II)NP system(inked 2)
Water stick4(with a)/5(with version 2)(II type)
Registration agenciesWheel side pull
Printing speed1000-8000 sheets/hour
Main motor power1.5kw
Air pump machine power1.1kw
Power supplySingle-phase220v
Mechanical fine size2020mm*980mm*1250mm
Machine weight980kg/1050kg(II type)


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